Webinar: Prepping for 2021

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In Dr. FJ's 44th Exponential Growth Webinar he'll be covering topics that will prepare you and your practice for 2021. You'll learn:

  • Working on your Personal and Team Visions
  • Activity Analysis
  • Working through this Year's Top Ten and Life Long Goals (Rhino Planner)
  • Review your 3 freedoms: Time, Money, Impact
  • The Ultimate Process for your Major Life Objective
  • Getting Tactical on your: Fee Structure, Stat Analysis, Retention Problems, New Patients, and Internal Marketing

If purchased after the live date (December 29th) you will receive an email with a download link - this link is accessible for 24 hours. If purchased before the live Webinar, you will receive your Webinar Room Link via email the day of the Webinar.

*Note: If you are a Rhino Digital Training member or 1 on 1 Coaching Rhino, this Exponential Growth Webinar is included with your training. Please Visit your account in Chiropractic Academy and look for the tab titled "Exponential Growth Webinar"

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