Rhino Kids Affirmation Cards

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By Gira Schofield and Dr. Fred Schofield
1 Pack is broken into 3 Groups of Affirmations
Rhino Kids, Rhino Teens, and All Rhinos
Jumbo Cards!
Do 1 Affirmation for 21 days and see the transformation!


A note from the Creators:

"When I was in boarding school in South Africa we had to read daily scriptures which turned into Affirmations. I realized at a young age that when we read them, I felt more Confident, more at Ease, more Relaxed, and more Focused. 

From that experience, I realized that not everyone has that Internal Positive Self Talk. I felt the difference even more when I went on to play Professional Rugby.  For athletes, it’s not the racket, the ball or the club that makes them great, it’s their Mindset. When I changed my Mindset, I changed my Results."
-Dr. Fred Schofield, co creator

"I've been utilizing Affirmations in different ways, my whole life. I first started listening to Affirmations before bed every night when I was about 6 years old. Then at 10, I got a journal and started writing down things that I wanted to improve on. Usually these Affirmations were about Tennis and I would use them especially before my tournaments; "Bounce, Hit," and "I Am Confident." When I used them, I would go from feeling like my stomach was in knots, my chest was tight, and I couldn't breathe, to being confident and present in my skills, and in the game.

With years of Practice and Space, Time, Repetition, these Affirmations became an intricate part of my tennis career and my life. Off the court, they helped me in school to gain confidence when taking tests, they helped me overcome anxiety when traveling alone, and they helped me step out of my shell to make friends when being an introvert. Even 30+ years later, they continue to support my way of thinking and ultimately my way of life."
-Gira Schofield, co creator
In your daily life, you must play the Game of Prosperity. Think, Talk, Act, and Feel like you already have what you DeSire in your possession. When you exercise a muscle, it becomes stronger, when you plant a tree and nurture the seed, it grows, similarly, what you Concentrate on, Grows.
Realize that your Internal Positive Self-Talk is your Future. Are you ready to up your Confidence? Read through these RhinoRific Affirmations. Begin by choosing 1 card and read them 2x per day (AM/PM), out loud with Conviction, Confidence, and Certainty for 21 days. Once complete, pick the next card and continue this process. Thru the principle of Space, Time, Repetition, your Thots will Produce Results. Welcome to the Game of Prosperity!
We know this works, but only if YOU Work It. Having a Rhino Mindset with Positive Self-Talk has changed our lives and continues to change the lives of over 20k doctors, staff, and kids that have trained with us. Do these Affirmations for 21 days, 2x a day (AM/PM) and you will feel the Shift!