DIGITAL SEMINAR: Preparing to Prosper After Adversity (Replay)

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  • MARKETING in a World with Little or no Screenings
  • WHY DEPTH over Width is so Important Right Now
  • #1 MISTAKE People are Making in this Difficult Business Landscape
  • #1 REASON why Knowing your Profit Margins is more Important than Ever
  • DYNAMICS of Duality in Practice
  • PRINCIPLES of Space, Time, Repetition for staying Present and Getting into the Flow State
  • CREATING Objections for Patients - the 30, 60, 90 rule
  • 6 SIMPLE and Effective Strategies for Health, Energy and Focus
  • UNDERSTANDING your Environment's Cellular Effect
  • #1 ACTION to Take when Times are Tough


If you’re anything like us, over the past few months you have seen communities hurt and businesses destroyed. We all have felt the impact from the shutdown of our economy and felt devastation personally and professionally.

As business owners and chiropractors, actually serving patients in the office, we saw and felt the pain and fear in our communities. Our Patient Volume dropped, New Patients Dropped, and Collections Dropped, all while Stress Increased with an unclear path forward.

Like us, you could have been one of the many businesses that didn’t get the PPP loan to help your business stay afloat.

You may have had to let employees go, taking on duties you aren't used to doing, while trying to keep up with new policies and restrictions that change daily.

Fear is surrounding our communities, increased stress and anxiety about the uncertainty of our future keeping us up at night. We know how feeling anxiety, stress, frustration and being unfocused can affect your office.

No matter the adversity, the stress, or the discomfort there can always be a silver lining; opportunity is always looming around the corner of chaos and unease. This is when the light bulb moment happened, a reminder to get back to the fundamentals of successful chiropractors and business owners.  

Through this adversity, we refocused our attention on the fundamentals and added new strategies to thrive in uncertain times and prepare for the future.

And since then?

We have seen:

New Patients Grow (Consistent DDNP!!!)

ReActivates Grow Exponentially

Patient Volume Grow back to Pre-Shut Down

Collections Increase

All of this has given us the opportunity to be there for the people in our communities; serving them with patient-centered care and helping them get through this unprecedented time.

If you are just reopening your clinic or have been open this whole time and want to get back to the level of success you were experiencing, or better yet, get to levels better than what you were seeing before shut down, join us for this incredible webinar, it really is a no brainer!




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