Insurance Travel Cards

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Travel Cards are a MUST in any Chiropractic practice!

If you are computerized and have a computer crash, hacker, software issue, or electrical shutdown, Travel Cards keep the practice moving!

Travel cards keep a tight control on patient compliance, and most of all, creates a documentation system so you can manage patient: Exams, Re-Exams, Range of Motion, Visualize Analog Scales, Pain Diagrams, and Visit to Visit documentation.

Travel cards improve speed of service and office communication so you can see more patients without loosing quality service!

ORIGINAL: Geared towards Diversified Chiropractic Techniques (Gonstead..)

NEW: Geared towards Upper Cervical Specific (NUCCA, Atlas Orthogonal...)


HIPAA Compliant

100 Insurance Travel Cards per pack  | .49/per card