EMF - Home Harmonizer

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    • One already comes in each Home Bundle!!
    • An entire home is remediated with just one of these (very large or EMF challenged homes sometimes need two)!
    • See “All-Home Service Testimonials.” on how effective this is!
    • NOTE:  Not for some condos or apartments.  Click All Installation Instructions for more info also.
    • (Dimensions:  4″ x 4″ x 2″)  NOTE:  This remediates entire home from EMF’s outside home, Smart Meter(s), cell towers, as well as TV’s, etc.  BUT we recommend still getting Better ZZZ’s for your bed…as well as a device chip for any Wifi or fan located near a bed, desk, or couch.


(Read disclaimer below – we recommend using a professional to install this way!!)


WARNING (Disclaimer) – We recommend using a contractor, handy-man, or licensed professional for this installation.  We are NOT responsible for results if you drill into your home.  A professional gave us this advice above and we’ve seen numerous clients and licensed professionals BOTH do this with ease and successfully, but we still must say do it yourself at your own risk (since we are not licensed contractors!)