CA WEBINAR: Think and Grow Healthy

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Susan Schofield explains the common conceptions and misconceptions surrounding health and dis-ease. Susan talks about the various definitions of chiropractic and how those definitions align with health and wellness. She explains the mind, body, and spirit connection and shows why it is important to “look to nature for truth.” She explains innate intelligence and discusses how the body knows what to do and when to do it and reminds us that we need to give our bodies the space to respond to these situations. Susan reminds us just why and how, “this body is flippin’ amazing!”

"If we proclaim to sell health, wellness, or prevention, we should first understand and practice it." ~ Susan Schofield 
"Always look to nature for truth." ~ Susan Schofield 


Learn from one of the top Chiropractic Assistants and Office Managers! Susan has spent the last 35+ years exploring, developing, and implementing advanced strategies for Chiropractors, their spouses, staff and patients to break the barriers of mediocrity into High Volume, Patient Centered Practices.
Originally broadcasted March 2022