CA WEBINAR: The Daily Visit Fundamentals

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Susan Schofield talks about the importance of knowing the Fundamentals in your office and the most 3 most important for the Daily Visit.

You'll learn why it's crucial that you create a mission statement that your team actively participates in and acts as the compass for your Vision.  

Susan spends time talking about the importance of knowing your driving force and remembering it every day and the keys to creating a magical daily visit flow.

Susan challenges you to review your office and rate yourselves 1-10 to determine what areas of your daily visit need improvement.

"Make every patient count, do not count every patient." ~ Susan Schofield 
"Excellence is a habit." ~ Susan Schofield 


About Susan Schofield:
Learn from one of the top Chiropractic Assistants and Office Managers! Susan has spent the last 35+ years exploring, developing, and implementing advanced strategies for Chiropractors, their spouses, staff and patients to break the barriers of mediocrity into High Volume, Patient Centered Practices.

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Originally Recorded: March 2021