CA WEBINAR: The Big 3 of Marketing

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Susan Schofield talks about the big 3 of marketing. Everything counts, having the courage to ask and act, and consistency wins the game. Susan goes into detail about each aspect of the big 3 and gives your office tips on how to maximize your marketing skills. She also talks in depth about marketing fundamentals and gives many great insights into different ideas for promotion. Susan wants each office to have a WOW factor and show everyone in your community why they should be going to your office!

"Everything you Do, Say, Act/React, your Tone, your Energy, your Enthusiasm, and your Appearance effects how the patient feels about You, Your Doctor, and Your Office." ~Susan Schofield 
"We are working with igniting our potential, igniting our vision, so that we can help more people in our community and give them a value added experience in a chiropractic setting, creating the WOW Experience." ~Susan Schofield


Learn from one of the top Chiropractic Assistants and Office Managers! Susan has spent the last 35+ years exploring, developing, and implementing advanced strategies for Chiropractors, their spouses, staff and patients to break the barriers of mediocrity into High Volume, Patient Centered Practices.

Originally recorded December 2020