How often do I need to attend a weekend training?
Who you surround yourself with has a huge impact on your life, with this in mind, something magical, energizing and synergizing happens when you’re participating in a group. The more you train and the more you’re in the environment of people training, you’re not only getting ideas from the curriculum but you’re also able to rub elbows with other rhinos. The more you can plan your calendar around participating, accentuates and propels you and your practice forward.


Is one training better than another one?
Each training is composed to improve a different aspect of your practice. In the calendar year, we cover everything from A-Z about maintaining and building a practice. Each weekend offers a different topic for personal and practice growth and no matter which training you attend, you’ll have many takeaways to bring back to your practice and life.


Should I bring my staff?
Two heads are better than one. When everyone in your office is on the same frequency and track, your customer service and practice growth all improve at a quicker rate.


I’ve already gone to the same topic last year, will it be different if I go again this year?
YES, all of our trainings are different. Our information is always updated and we always cover something different. You will take something away from a training, even if it’s the same or similar topic as a previous training that you’ve attended.

Just because Michael Jordan’s average was over 82% for free throws didn’t mean he stopped training and practicing free throws. There is ALWAYS something to learn, always something to practice, always a way to get better.


What is the schedule for your trainings?
On Friday we start around 8:30pm for Dr. Fred's Spizz talk power hour
On Saturday we start at 9am. Please arrive earlier than 9am to get checked in, settled and connect with our team


What are the Specialty Trainings? Can anyone come?
We do 3 Specialty trainings a year:
The White Rhino: Ski Trip
The Blue Rhino: International Beach Trip
The Rhino Family Indaba: Family Training

These are 4-5 day trainings located in unique places. Each specialty training is first opened to current coaching clients and past attendees to the specialty trainings. There is limited space for each. Meditations, Training Sessions and group dinners are all planned for you and your families. These are not included in the 1 on 1 coaching program.  


If I do 1 on 1 coaching, what happens if I can't come to all of the trainings?
The beauty of the all-inclusive 1 on 1 coaching is that it is priced with that in mind. Seminars are a bonus to your 1 on 1 coaching and not mandatory, but highly recommended. The more you participate, the more you grow. We have many different locations throughout the year for your convenience.


How do I find the right coach or training for me?
We always encourage people to come to a weekend training, so you can participate and see for yourself the value you will receive. You can also connect with other Rhinos who are currently coaching about their experience with Schofield Chiropractic Training.


What if I can't listen live to the tele-trainings and webinars?
We always have replays available. If you are currently coaching you can also access all the replays from the year on our private coaching site, www.ChiropracticAcademy.com


Do I have to do the 1 on 1 coaching to come to a weekend seminar?
No, absolutely not. Our weekend seminars are open to anyone that interested in bettering their personal and practice life.