Schofield Chiropractic Training

Dr. Frederick A. Schofield born in Cape Town, South Africa has an excitement, intensity and uniqueness that make him “one of a kind.” He is both a player and a coach. After 29 years,   Dr. Fred continues to work in his office, teach at his chiropractic seminars and coach chiropractors one-on-one.

Susan E. Schofield originates from Milbank, South Dakota. Susan graduated with a degree in Pharmacy. She later left the field of pharmacy to pursue certificates in several natural health fields. She worked and mastered the front office at Atlas chiropractic, creating procedures that allowed Dr. Fred to see 516 patients in one day. She has since organized the offices and homes of thousands of chiropractors, sharing her experiences as an office manager and mother.

Dr. Fred and his beautiful wife Susan, run the most personalized and advanced chiropractic seminar and development program in the chiropractic field. They have truly mastered chiropractic development and the ability to communicate those ideas to their clients. The results speak for themselves. The Schofields have personally trained thousands of chiropractors to over 500 patient visits a week and collections of $50,000 a month or more. Despite the fantastic numbers, the Schofields pride themselves on teaching their clients never to sacrifice quality of service.

As a Phoenix Chiropractor, Dr. Fred and Susan opened their practice over 29 years ago and built it to over 1,500 patient visits a week and collected over $2,000,000 in one year, while raising their three beautiful children F.J., Paxton and Gira. You can have a prosperous practice and a wonderful family life with the right training.


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What You Will Learn When You Train With Dr. Fred & Sue