Using Mental Imagery for Chiropractic and Life Success


Do you take a few minutes every morning to visualize the day ahead?  Do you see yourself giving the perfect adjustment prior to delivering it?

Whether you are a student just learning or a seasoned master, mental imagery is something you will want to consider starting to use.  A recent study published earlier this year suggest surgeons are utilizing mental imagery and looking into different ways to teach the skills needed for successful surgeries.  With this knowledge, it would pay well for Chiropractors to look into mental imagery to develop and maintain motor skills needed to be a successful Chiropractor.

We can take mental imagery even further in creating success in practice and life.

Visualization has been utilized by elite athletes for many years with great success to change the competition outcome.  It would be highly recommended to consider visualization not only for motor skills but overall day success and enjoyment.

Your thoughts create your reality.  Science is starting to show that reality isn’t as concrete as once thought.  Everyone’s reality is unique to the individuals perception of the stimulus that occurs.  Reality is basically an illusion based of previous experience influencing your current response to the perception of what is occurring.

Therefore, you can change your reality by changing your response to stimulus.  If you visualize your day the way you want it to occur you will create a memory prior to the day.  With this memory you will change your response to your environment, leading to a higher probability that your day will turn out the way you want it to.

The clearer your vision of your day, the higher the chances it will be manifested.  One way to look at it is, things are more likely to occur if you are able to visualize in HD instead of the old static bunny ears version.  Visualizing in HD is a skill in itself and takes practice like any other skill.  The more you visualize the better you get at it and the higher probability it will be.

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