Top 3 Ways to Truly Listen to Patients Needs


Most people know that first impressions have a dramatic influence on relationships and much goes into these first impressions.  From how you look, to what you say, and even how you say it, but few think about how important it is to LISTEN on these first impressions, or in the ChiropraTIC world First Visits.

As we all have most likely heard, you have two ears and one mouth.  Therefore, you are suppose to listen twice as much as you are to speak.  When it comes to ChiropracTIC communication and the first visit, there is a lot of merit to this saying.

One of the greatest human needs is to be heard, and this increases exponentially when it comes to the dynamic interaction of the doctor-patient relationship.

Here are the top 3 ways you can indicate to your patients you are truly hearing what they are saying.

1. Eye Contact – eye contact is essential and you must get very good at keeping the correct amount of eye contact while you take notes, etc.

2. Body Language – have your body facing towards them.  You may even want to lean in a little, which shows interest.

3. Repeat Phrases and Words – repeating the phrases and words a patient uses creates the sense that you are truly listen to them.  There are two tricks with this: First, to do this you actually have to listen. Second, you can do it to often and that will raise red flags with you patients and have the exact opposite effect.  Therefore, with this one you have to walk a fine line.


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