The Top 3 Reasons Patients Quit

The Top 3 Reasons Patients Quit

The ability to keep your existing patients is incredibly valuable because then you need fewer new patients. The are 3 main reasons a patient will quit and leave your office for one of your competitors.


1.)  No Results

People will only stay so long if they are not improving. They want to feel better of course but they also want to functionally be able to perform some important activities with out limitation, interference or annoyance. If those needs are not met, they will eventually be quitting. You must become a skilled adjustor, to be able to consistently locate, analyze and correct subluxations. Everyone is not going to get well but the higher your percentages of improvement the easier it will be to keep patients. In a cash practice this is even more important because the more you pay the more you expect. Every year I go to at least one technique seminar. This helps me to continue to sharpen my skills, increase my success rate and improve my retention. Another benefit of improving your results is you will increase your referral new patients. The symptomatic interview during the consultation is very important to show improvement. Make a list of all the symptoms the patient has that you could help with and then ask about those symptoms at re-exams. If a patient’s allergies are better but their neck still hurts. They will be much more inclined to continue following the plan when you explain the adjustment is what has helped with their allergies. By creating a practice with high retention and high referrals you are creating a fun, prosperous and stress free practice


2.)  No Targets

The patient must have targets to hit along their care plan or they will get frustrated. Short-term goals along the way to the long-term goal are very important. Re-exams and re-xrays are the targets you give people to hit along the care plan. I do monthly re-exams and a re-xray at 12 weeks. I remind patient’s of upcoming re-exams and re-xrays regularly so they know when they are coming and I do this with excitement. Then the patient’s get excited to see their new x-rays or get re-exam and that excitement keeps them on track.


3.)  Create A Plan and Follow That Plan

Create a plan for the patient at the ROF and then follow that plan. If you said you were going to do a re-exam every month then do one. If you don’t you will lose value and the patient will get frustrated and quit. Whatever plan you laid out, you must follow. It amazes me how many docs kill the value they created on the 1st and 2nd visit by not following their own plan. Get organized and watch people follow you to a better quality of life.


Dr FJ Schofield

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