The Symptom Is Not The Cause, Part 1

Are symptoms good or bad? What do they mean? Who gets them? What should i do when i don’t feel good? When is the right time to get adjusted? When should you take medicine, either over the counter or prescription drugs? Is a fever bad? How hi is too hi? How come your kids are never sick? What do you give your kids when they’re sick? What can i do to stop these earaches? If you don’t give them drugs, what do you do?

My kids won’t eat vegetables. My kids are always tired and fussy. Look at these bumps on her arm. Bedtime? What’s that? What about the dark circles under her eyes? Bowel movements three times a day, are you kidding me! No milk! Where do they get their calcium? My doctor told me its normal to have 1 bowel movement a week. What do you feed your kids? You get your baby adjusted?!

Many years ago I learned about HERING’S LAW: “All cure comes from the head down, from the inside out, and in reverse order as the symptoms first appeared.” I also learned that dis-ease is associated with 2 basic processes: the lack of biochemical elements(whole, pure and natural foods) and the lack of proper elimination(or the accumulation of the bodies toxic wastes), resulting in a lowered immune system. You see, you don’t “catch” a dis-ease”. You are either working and training to be healthy or working toward dis-ease. The choice is ours! When we focus on natural healing, eating organic, natural foods, and a more healthy lifestyle, the “bugs”, “germs”, and “viruses” are not a threat.

First, lets choose to reduce or eliminate fast, fake, processed, devitalized food. Start shopping only on the outside aisle of the grocery store. You will be amazed! That’s where you are going to find your fruits, vegetables, meats, and dairy. When you are ready for the next step, look for organic produce and dairy products. You want your meals to consist of 6 vegetables, 2 fruits, 1 starch, and 1 protein per day: vegetables provide minerals, fruits provide vitamins, starches provide energy, and protein is needed for building healthy tissue cells. PROPER NUTRITION is the first step to a health. GO GREEN!!

Studies have shown that prison inmates, patients in mental hospitals, and children with behavioral challenges all improved with a more whole, pure, and natural diet! GO GREEN!! to be continued. . .

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