As we charge into 2012, we desire to move forward with poise, power, and confidence. Our goal of serving double digit new patients every week is renewed in our heart, and then our head says—how???? Stay tuned and we will give you the tools, the “powertools” to move forward with faith, poise, and conviction.

No one achieves greatness by themselves, so we desire to create a spirit, a team spirit base on “purposeful action”. We desire to activate the “BIG FIVE“. We desire each of our team members to get back on track with us. To open their heart and mind to the opportunities that are there before us.


  • CLARITY-make the target easy to understand, vision
  • CONFIDENCE-having a firm belief in what you are doing
  • INTENTION-thinking and acting in a specific way
  • PREPARTION-industrious efficiency, organized readiness
  • ACTION-effective movement, enthusiasm

This is what creates your “NEW PATIENT PIPELINE”: all stations go, having a YES attitude, singleness of purpose. The entire team: doctor, chiropractic asst., spouce, office manage, associate doctor, x ray tech., etc. Go back to the MO CHIH CHU- First Visit Fundamentals: kill all excuses, stick to the fundamentals, be alert for NPs, think NP everytime the phone rings, ask for referrals, and train, train, train. Third party training is the best, so get your staff connected to my CA teletrainings.

Thomas Edison said, “opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work”.

Its time to get back on track, and get to work being alert to NP opportunities!


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