The 1st Key to High Volume

The 1st Key to High Volume

I used to wonder how my father could possibly see 300 patients in a day. I was always so curious how one person would have enough time to greet, interact and say goodbye to such a massive number of people in one 8-10 hour workday. Just the interaction with another person would seem to take quite awhile so that they were happy with the attention they received. Then to still have time to check and adjust someone seemed bewildering to me. But I remember the reception room being filled with 15 or so people and another 4 or 5 people waiting on the benches outside of the office just to get into the reception. So, I knew it was possible. Then it chiropractic school my father revealed the first key to high volume.

         TRAIN YOUR PATIENTS!!!!!!

It is imperative to train your patients to do exactly what it is you want them to do. If they are ready to be checked when you come in then you can greet them, interact and say farewell with compassion and brevity. This allows you to help a much larger number of people. We teach you to use certain phrases to open and close the conversation and to avoid certain greetings that save massive amounts of time. We also teach numerous statements that are extremely important in creating a loyal patient experience while keeping the visit effective and thorough but not wasting any unnecessary time.

Start today training your patients from the first adjustment onward and you will see the huge difference it makes in how smoothly and easily you see large numbers of patients.

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Dr. FJ Schofield


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