Strategy is All About

Strategy is all about your Philosophy of Success!

    • Strategy is all about are you ATTRACTING New Patients?
    • Strategy is all about Micro-Managing Each Patient Visit!
    • Strategy is all about having your Financials Plans down!!!
    • Strategy is all about Responsiveness, How quick are you to Make Decisions?
    • Strategy is all about Reality, do you , are you covering your Overhead?
    • Strategy is all about is your Marketing Working? Yes Or No?
    • Strategy is all about Conviction, The Willingness to Take Action Now!!


Aren’t born, They’re Trained!!!
If you don’t have the Right Strategy, you will be out of Practice.

Meet Your Coaches…

Dr.Fred A. Schofield, born in Cape Town, South Africa, has a uniqueness, excitement and intensity about him a “one of a kind”. He has played Professional Rugby and represented the USA in Rugby, so we aren’t talking Theory and ran a 1500pv per week practice and KEY; with his WIFE, SUSAN while raising 3 wonderful Children, WOW!!!

Listen, today every chiropractor is a “coach” with no Credentials. Everyone has the Marketing Secret and PS and then PPS and then PPPS, Wow are we fools or what, they all copy each other then Plagerise and then they Self Rate themselves as the

#1 coach in practice.

NO wonder the students are skeptical, hell sign up for some insane amount- $$$$$$, I mean; why go to college. What the Hell!!! Enuf Ranting and Raving!!!

Why not find out who is in Practice DOING, LIVING and BEING it for real.

With Philosophy Science and Art of Success in Practice and coaching chiropractors one-2-one.

DrFred and Sue have truly Mastered the SCIENCE AND ART of Practice of Chiropractic and are able to communicate and Teach you the Management Skills and Marketing System!!!
This is a Training with only COMMITTED Chiropractors, spouses and Ca’s ACCEPTED!
They have trained 58 doctors to Serving 1,000 pv/wk in their ChiropracTIC Practices.

Combine the Training with Old-Time Principles, Management and Marketing System -What do you have?
Quality Training and a Management and Marketing System that works!!
DrFred Says “In Practice the Way Forward is to DO and DO and DO till the Job gets Done”. So get in the Game, Why?

“Cause its GAMETIME.”

TODAY – CALL!!! Join the Team who have

Made Their Dreams Come True, help turn

Yours into Reality!

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