SCT Top 3 Reasons You Don’t Collect More Cash

They are many important fundamentals for collecting large amounts of cash in your office but the top reasons you don’t are simple but not easy to change.


1.)   The first reason you don’t collect more cash is, you don’t ask for it. You have to ask for everything you want in this world. This is biblical and it mentions this over and over. Ask and you shall receive. No patient is going to pay you more than you ask for. The market is going to pay you what you ask for. There are of course limits and there differences form market to market but for the most part your appraisal of your self is far and away the most important one.

2.)   The second reason you don’t collect more cash is you don’t value what you do. Studying the philosophy, science and art of chiropractic should help you increase your value in the service you deliver.

3.)   The third and biggest reason you don’t collect more cash is you don’t value yourself. Self worth or self-esteem is the starting point for prosperity and abundance. Use meditation, affirmation and visualization to change your self image and understand that YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!!!!


Keep Charging!
Dr. FJ Schofield

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