Susan E. Schofield

Susan E. Schofield

Susan Schofield, B.S., R.Ph., Certified Iridologist, Clinical Nutritionist

Since 1981, Susan Schofield has been dedicated to helping chiropractors, their spouses, and staff break the barriers of mediocrity. Susan is the No. 1 personalized, management consultant in Chiropractic today. She is an expert in Organizational Infrastructure and Management Technologies. She designed the procedures and protocols for $1,000,000 – 1500pv/week clinic with high cash flow, profitability and financial security.

Susan Schofield in the CFO and Co-founder of Atlas Chiropractic Center,
Schofield Consulting/Coaching/Management Services, and Firgrove Farm Supplements.

Based upon 31 years of proven fundamentals in leadership, management technologies, organizational strategies, cross coaching and inventive teachings and presentations, Susan Schofield creates a energizing and engaging learning environment that will maximize the potential of Chiropractic Staff and office.

Continuing Education

Holistic Nutrition
Studied Under World Famous Dr. Bernard Jensen

After moving to Davenport, Iowa and working as a pharmacist, Susan realized that there was a better approach to helping patients create health in their lives. She realized that medicine has its place with acute trauma but did not promote or create health in individual lives. Becoming more aware of Holistic Health practices, she met a chiropracTIC student and soon wed a gentleman, now known as Dr. Fred Schofield, a world renowned Chiropractor and Coach. Together they have 3 beautiful children, all born at home, and currently active in ChiropracTIC and Holistic Health.

Susan Schofield is teaching from lifetime studies of Health and Prosperity, living what she teaches. It has been said, “One must live the sermon, not just deliver it,” and Susan Schofield has done this. For the last 31 years she has helped thousands of others create health and prosperity in their own lives.

She now resides with Fred Schofield D.C. in Phoenix Arizona.

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