Initiate Contact

Initiate contact with the Patient make sure all have Plans and Schedules for the week. Organizations refer to this skill as being “aggressively friendly.” Be the Friendly Aggressore set up the Plan, keep it Tight, High Intensity Short Duration. Make it easy for the Patient to Follow thru with the care plan.

It means introducing yourself first. Initiate eye contact. Be first to Speak. Don’t just talk- Say Something, of course you have to have something to Offer. Like ” Lets get Disciplined after the Holiday and Focus on your Health”. Then tell a Story like, “I was at our Family ThanksGiving and my Niece had Swollen Glands and Fatigue and passing out, symptoms of a Stressed out Nervous System. So this time we don’t go to the Hospital cause Dr Fred is in town, so She gets checked and what do you think we found, Yes, C1 Subluxation, so we Adjusted her and Hey Presto she Feels Better, I mean Much better”. My, My, My Chiropractic works Again. What a Concept!

Here’s what to do. ATTACK, go out and meet someone today, anyone. Just Greet everyone you Meet. Inititate the Engagement.

New Patients are in the Air. Tell your Friends- Training Works!!!

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