Importance of Likability

ThinkstockPhotos-489554420-e1443203531495Importance of Likability

Do people like you?  More importantly, do your patients like you?  Do they like your office environment?  Your office staff?

It is very important that your patients like you and your office.  The reason for this is people are more likely to buy from people and places they like.  This includes where they go for their health care needs.

Don’t believe me, lets take a trip down memory lane.

Have you ever been to an establishment or business where the environment was outstanding and the people were very personable.   It was easy to like the place and the people.  Can you remember how you felt about that place?  Do you feel like you would want to go back there?  I bet the answer is yes.

Lets pick out another memory, a place you’ve been to where the environment was horrible.  Everybody in the place just felt so unfriendly and impersonable.  How do you feel about that place?  How strong is your feeling to go back there?  I bet, even if the actual product they delivered was great, you’d rather spend your money somewhere else.

Now the question is,  How Likable are You and Your Practice?


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