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Rhino Sheet: Enthusiasm

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Club Mission: To TRAIN as many students as INNATELY possible to become SUCCESSFUL chiropracTORs by mastering the philosophy, science and art of chiropractic and the fundamentals of running a successful practice.

Rhino quote of the week: “Success is going from failure to failure without a loss of enthusiasm” Winston Churchill

Rhino affirmation of the week: I am, feel, act excited, enthusiastic, optimistic and energetic. Say 108x per day

Rhino fundamental of the week: GET ENTHUSIASTIC! The Doctor’s enthusiasm and energy is the #1 reason a practice grows or dies. No one wants to be around a dull and cynical doctor, they want someone who is excited and positive. Energy is infectious! When your energy is high, people will want to come to your office just for the experience. You must lift your patients up with complements whenever possible. Sometimes it is necessary to confront patients, but for the most part you want to lift their spirits. Pretend every person is walking around with a sign on their chest that says: Make me feel good. Practice greeting each and every person you meet throughout the day with enthusiasm. It should be a goal to lift their spirits in the short time you are together. Let’s be real you are not going to feel great everyday, but when you enter your office you leave everything else outside. Your commitment to your office must outweigh how you feel at anyone moment.

Rhino practice development lesson of the week: Table talk. The language of the doctor will either build value or diminish it. It is crucial to always use words that convey importance, magnitude and certainty. We must also learn the art of the explanation. The ability to explain chiropractic and health simply, so a patient can understand, is of utmost importance. Analogies are the easiest way to relay these “simple” explanations. Refer to the manual for examples of the language and analogies utilized by Rhino doctors. Some very common statements are: “let’s check you”, “there it is”, “perfect”, “I expected that”, “that concerns me” and “we have a lot of work to do”. These should be used every day in practice.

Rhino technique lesson of the week: We must all learn to adjust cervicals in the chair because there will be patients in so much pain they won’t be able to lie down. Seated diversified is the easiest chair maneuver to learn and Gonstead is also a great option.

Rhino natural health lesson of the week: Wuji sea salt contains 80 micro-minerals. Sea salt is a very affordable way to supplement the minerally depleted foods available today. Take a teaspoon with warm water before you go to bed or when you wake up in the morning. You can also use the sea salt to cook with and salt your foods. It is a natural way to help patients with many conditions. Go to the Schofield book store and purchase the book “Salt your way to health” for more information regarding the many conditions.

Rhino Philosophy lesson of the week: All healing takes time. This is a crucial chiropracTIC principle to tell your patients. Dental comparisons are great when explaining things to your patients. Tell the patient “It will take time to correct your spine, just like it takes time to straighten your teeth. How long do you have to wear braces on average? That’s right 2 to 3 years. Fortunately it will only take 12 months in my office.” The 33 chiropracTIC principles created by Stephenson should be studied by all students. They are loaded with terrific information that will help create a foundation for your philosophy.

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