Create Rapport Before You Start Your Day 1 / Day 2

Create Rapport Before You Start Your Day 1 / Day 2

Rapport is a connection you feel to another person. Think to times in your life when you chose to do business with one person over another because you WANTED TO GIVE THAT PERSON YOUR BUSINESS. That was rapport and it is the most powerful tool in business. When someone likes you, if you deliver quality service, they will forever forget about your competition.

If this is true then why do most chiropractic coaches teach you do to scare, pressure and push patients into buying when this will always cause you to lose rapport? The answer is because they are thinking short term. Yes, you can bully some patients into buying and yes if you are a well-trained communicator you can hide your true character from many but not from all (Not too mention it is totally unethical to use these high pressure and manipulative sales tactics). The one’s that do catch on will leave your office with contempt for you and in the modern world probably leave you a negative review.

Get genuinely and sincerely interested in your patients and empathetic for their problems. This is the beginning of earning more referrals and reactivates than you can imagine. This is also the end of screenings and trying to do talks every week. The rhino marketing system teaches screenings and talks to start your practice but after you are in practice 7-10 years your referrals, reacts and digital marketing will be strong enough so you never have to do another screening or talk if you don’t want to. I know this works because after 4 years in practice I was able to retire from screening and spend my weekends with my family!!!!!

Here are my 6 steps to building massive rapport with everyone you meet.
1. Find something you and the patient have in common. A similar interest like you both enjoy golf or maybe you both went to the same high school. Ask some open ended questions to get this information.
2. Match & Mirror the patient. There are many aspects of the patients tone & physiology you can match but in the beginning match & mirror their tone, volume & rate of speech.
3. Demonstrate understanding for the patient’s situation.
4. Convey empathy for the patient’s complaint
5. Be funny. Stop being so serious, everyone loves to laugh and it is a form of agreement.
6. Listen and repeat the exact words and phrases the patient uses and remember past information on visits in the future. This will show you are listening and care.

Always remember people want to do business with people the like and trust. There is no trust and no respect with out likeability first.

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Dr. FJ Schofield

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