Chlorella Is Whole Pure and Natural


Chlorella is a single-cell alga. It is a whole food with all the nutrients to support life.
Chlorella has existed on earth for over 2 billion years due to its tough outer shell. It is one of the most efficient foods on earth, due to its high concentration of chlorophyll and its rapid reproduction.

Chlorella is a natural food. It is grown in a controlled liquid medium, free of toxic residues and chemical additives. Chlorella is a pure food.

Chlorella is not a supplement, drug or medicine. It has no undesirable side effects. Man has not tampered with its genetic integrity. Man has picked out the best strains of chlorella to grow and harvest, but its genetic integrity has remained the same for 2 billion years.

Why is this information so important? Too good to be true? What exactly does whole, pure, and natural mean?

Today more than ever, the tampering and the degradation of our food are staggering! We know that the quality of our food is directly related to how good we feel and helps our body to maintain a healthy state of well being. It has been said that “food is our best medicine”. Health is a personal choice. We must educate ourselves on our current food industry and acquire the knowledge to stay healthy.

When you go back in history, the process of removing the outer husk on grains to extend its storage life resulted in a new disease-beriberi. That process changed the nutritional value, resulting in a deficiency-a Vitamin B deficiency. That grain was no longer a whole food and could not sustain a healthy life. Not all vitamin and mineral deficiencies are that easy to observe. Today many people suffer from fatigue, indigestion, bloating, hyperactivity, depression, constipation, aches and pains, irritability, insomnia, to name a few. All of these symptoms can benefit or be eliminated completely, from eating whole, pure, and natural foods. Therefore, eating foods as close to their natural state as possible guarantee a higher nutrient value. NATURE KNOWS BEST!!

Today the food industry is more concerned about profit and convenience than whole, pure, and natural health giving foods. It is up to us to choose our foods wisely. This is why WUJICHLORELLA is so important to add to our daily food intake and why I recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their health. There is no better time than now to get your health back on track. Why not start 2009 with a WUJICHLORELLA cleanse? To order WUJICHLORELLA call 800-554-3260.

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