Chiropractors Unite!

Chiropractors Unite!

Early in chiropractic school, it became very clear to me that chiropractic was divided into many different factions. I will never forget, in the first trimester, when a student asked me if I was going to be a subluxation based chiropractor. I always thought all chiropractors were subluxation based and that it was our job to: locate, analyze and correct subluxations. My father had never told me that there were chiropractors who claim there is no subluxation. I was shocked.

I became even more frustrated when I saw technique clubs fighting and bad mouthing one another. It was ridiculous. There is no benefit to be gained by insulting another technique or management group. It only reveals your insecurity.

As a profession we need to unite. It is great to have passion for your personal chosen technique, while still maintaining respect for other ones—love your management group without disrespecting another group. If you find yourself insulting other groups, stop! We do not have to agree, or like, what others do or say, in order to respect them. Let’s do what is in the best interest of our profession.

We can all agree on a few things; our job is to locate, analyze, and correct subluxations and we do not prescribe drugs. Other than that, let us respect and support each other and grow this amazing profession.

Keep Charging!

-Dr. FJ

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