Being Decisive

Tired Of Unrealistic Expectations
From Chiropractic Coaches, Seminars, Consultants And
Practice Management Guru’s Saying
They Can ‘Double Or Even Triple’ Your Practice

Your practice requires you to make decisions. You made a decision to read this article. You’ve made many decisions in your Life. Some Great some not so great! Question? Which ones were the most painful?

Yes, the ones that you lost or the ones who did not follow your recommendations. Then here is the Question? Did you beat yourself up by asking the Great Question? What did I do wrong? Nothing, some get it and some don’t, end of story!!!

Any problem that needs to be solved requires that you make a decision. Now of course the Challenge is to STOP ANALYSING THE OUTCOME. Be process orientated, what could I have done better? What can I improve on? What is the Lesson in this Situation? Have you ever been in a situation where you were required to make a decision but hesitated well YES, then you Lack Training in that Situation thats what we have Being doing for the past 23 years

Indecision is debilitating and crippling and it feeds upon itself. Not only that, but it is contagious and spreads thruout your Office! Your practice is dependent upon action. It cannot Expand with a Doctor who Hesitates.

Mochihchu means moving forward with Certainty, Confidence and KNOWING that Innate is on my side, All Is Well!!! Now do something or Learn something!!!

Now with Universal Divine Power on your side Go Forth and Serve
What the Hell are you doing? Get on with it, NOW!!!
Share this Excitement with a Friend!!! NOW!!!

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