Baby Caden has Colic/Constipation, What Do I Do???

Within the field of Chiropractic, the concept of Spinal Articular Motion(Function)- (SAM) and disorders caused by the lack of Spinal Articular Motion –i.e. Baby Caden,A patient with Diag-nosis of colic/constipation, Medication has not worked! What do we do???

We Check the Crainial-Sacral Parasympathetic Connection for Spinal Articular Motion/Fixation/Subluxation which forms the basis of many core principles of Chiropractic and provide a foundation for diagnosis and treatment.

Wow!!! within hours Baby Caden has Multiple Bowel Movements and Activates the Healing Process by manifesting Drainage thru the Elimination System – Sinuses, Lungs and it’s complimentary Organ, The Colon. Now the Parents are Excited and Decide to become New Patients!!! RIGHT ON!!!

As Chiropractors, we place great value on identifying the presence or absence of Spinal Articular Motion(Function). We utilize the presence or absence of Spinal Articular Motion (Function) in making a diagnosis.

At the same time we respect that Spinal Articular Motion(Function) is an expression of Health and therefore Life and is intimately involved with the self-healing and self-correcting mechanisms of Homeodynamics not Homeostasis. Check out the difference!!!

The Physiological Stimulation, Activation and Adjustment of the Crainial-Sacral Parasympathetic Connection thru the detection of an integrated expression of Spinal Articular Motion (Function) is one of the Chiropractic perceptions of Integration of the Triune of Health thru Aligment of #1.Structure(NeuroMuscularSkeletal -NMS/ #2. Whole Food Nutrition (Minerals) #3. Glandular – (Hormonal Balance) .

Now go to work and Apply the Concept of Spinal Articular Motion(Function)

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