Are We Building Health or Disease?

Did you know there is no cure for the common cold? Researchers at John Hopkins University were given a grant for the purpose of investigating the nature of a colds orgin and cure. The scientific findings revealed that there was NO CURE, FOR THE COMMON COLD!! A cold is not a dis-ease, beginning of mucous debris elimination, a cellular elimination process that shoud never be interfered with suppressants or you can start the process of chronic conditions. Attempting to “cure” a cold is attempting to cure the CURE!!

In chiropractic, we know that HEALTH comes from within. We know that the body has the abilitiy to heal it self. The human body is a self healing mechanism, this is a universal law. So what causes symptoms? How do we build health?

Lets take a closer look at the ABC’s of NATURAL HEALTH. A is for ACTIVATION: we desire to balance the body thru activating the nervous system, ie the chiropractic adjustment. The nervous system is the first system to form in the embryo, and controls and guides all other body systems. The nervous system works along with the glandular system to help regulate the life process, and all body activites. When the nervous system is activated and flowing smoothly we enjoy health and a feeling of well-being. When there is interference is the nervous system an imbalance is created. Therefore, to maintain well-being we desire to “get checked” by a chiropractor on a regular basis. B is for BUILD: our body is a natural drug factory and has the ability and knowledge to facilitate a healthy life. We are responsible to give our body the “fuel” it needs for regeneration. Our body reguires 90 nutrients daily: 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 essential amino acids, and 3 essential fatty acids. Therefore, we desire to fuel our body with fresh, whole, natural, pure organic god-given foods. We desire to reduce and eliminate devitalized, processed, prepackaged, artifical, fast microwaved foods. These devitalized fast foods aid the body in breaking down!! We desire to build health with pure, whole, natural foods. C is for CLEANSE: the body is meant to eliminate 8 lbs of toxic material per day, thru the colon, kidney, lungs, and skin. We are meant to have a bowel movement upon rising and retiring, as well with each meal (that is 3 to 5 bowel movements/day). Toxic acids are a normal by product in the body, and due no harm when eliminated. However, when our system gets clogged and toxic acids accumulate, we are setting the stage for symptoms of chronic dis-ease. There is only 1 cause of dis-ease, poison or toxemia, most of which is created by poor living habits and faulty elimination.


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