Alpha Coherence Training (A.C.T.)

Alpha Coherence Training (A.C.T.)

By Dr. Fred Schofield     

        Alpha Coherence Training (A.C.T.) is quick and simple.  A Heart Rate Monitor (I personally use and recommend the  Polar H10 Bluetooth Heart Rate Sensor (M XXL)) will monitor your heart rate coherence with a graph. 

        The secret to Alpha Coherence Training and Performance is ReCovery. You must develop a New Way of Waving Coherence Physiology, a State of Coherence. Coherence is the biological underpinning of Optimizing your Performance a.k.a. your iNNATE Flow State.  Your iNNATE Flow State is the classic work on how to achieve Health, Happiness, and Success Prosperity.

        In the iNNATE Flow state, we create a State of Maximum Efficiency and Optimized Adaptability, where my Psychology and Physiology are in Alignment functioning as One System, multiple systems functioning as One. When in the iNNATE Flow State, Miracles happen and you create a State of Effective Internal Mitochondrial Energy Management through Alpha Coherence. You are operating at Peak Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Adaptability, all day, every day, with the 5 and 2 Formula. The formula is High Intensity Training (H.I.T.) 5 days and 2 days of Soft Intensity Training (S.I.T.) Yoga, Tai Chi, Mindfulness Meditation.

        Alpha Coherence is more than Heart Rate Variability, it is the Optimization of all Systems functioning in the body in Alignment. It is an increase in a Vibrant, Healthy being.  It is a pattern of Predictability in all systems functioning as One. It is the opposite of Dis-ease, which is the inability to adapt under stress. There is a secret to variability, too much or too little of flexibility leads to Mitochondrial Fatigue, then Exhaustion.  Are you tired already?  It is because your physiology is not coherent, therefore cannot ReCover.  

        In Alpha Coherence Training, the graph between Activation and ReCovery; between Positive Emotion and Negative ReCovery, is the Map.  That is why the Graph is so important. Do you want to Feel Younger? Energized? Sleep Better? Increase your Passion? Enthusiasm? Flexibility? Happiness and Creativity?  You must forgive and detach from your negative equivalent feelings thru A.C.T. waving and create Dynamic Motion.  After practicing A.C.T. you will experience a decrease in anger, frustration, anxiety, apathy, inattentiveness, boredom, and dis-ease. It also helps with rebooting your Autonomic Nervous System, which in turn will reboot your cravings (ie. Smoking, drinking, and emotional eating)


Let’s see how you activate the ReCovery Process:

First, order your Polar H10 Bluetooth Heart Rate Sensor (M XXL) and download the Polar Beat App to begin, it’s FREE and gives you the best, and most accurate Graph.


*Waving : The Key to Alpha Coherence Training.

The graph from the Heart Rate Monitor is your Map.  During Training, there are 5-8 Active Waves of Exertions followed by 5-8 cycles of ReCovery.  You will begin by warming up and then begin your Active Wave for 1-2 minutes with a Recovery Relaxation/ReCovery Cycle of 3-5 mins.  You do not begin the next active cycle until you attain your resting heart rate, in this case 78.  In the Beginning it may take you up to 3-12 mins to recover your resting heart rate. 

Healthy Waving Formula:

Resting Heart Rate (RHR): 78    

Target Heart Rate (THR): 100 after 1-2 mins of High Intensity Training and then Soft Intensity Training to recover to your Resting Heart Rate


                  1)       THR 100 then ReCovery to RHR 88-78

                  2)       THR 106 then ReCovery to RHR 88-78

                  3)       THR 112 then ReCovery to RHR 88-78

                  4)       THR 118 then ReCovery to RHR 88-78

                  5)       THR 124 then ReCovery to RHR 88-78

As you Practice A.C.T. you will see your graph go from Incoherence (Diagram 1) to Coherence (Diagram 2).

*Always consult your physician prior to any new exercise program

Diagram 1—Incoherence

Diagram 2—Coherence

Send us your graphs! We’d love to see how you wave!

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