7 Secrets to Excellent Staff Training

Know what you need to Know, and let it Sink in, have a TEAM Training everyday until all members of your Team are fully Trained. If you’re learning more than one Skill be sure to listen to your Staff to see if you’ve bitten off more than you can chew. It’s better to learn one Procedure at a time correctly and with quality than learn many procedures poorly. So Stick to it! it takes Spaced-Time -Repitition to Learn anything.


  1. know the right time to correct your staff
  2. Know how much to criticize at one time
  3. Know how much to teach at one time
  4. Know how to Praise them
  5. Avoid confusion, simplify
  6. Work to simplify all Management and procedures
  7. Know how much you can chew at one time?

Now get in the Game and stop Procrastinating, Excellence in practice

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