Monthly Archives: February 2011

Being Decisive

Tired Of Unrealistic Expectations From Chiropractic Coaches, Seminars, Consultants And Practice Management Guru’s Saying They Can ‘Double Or Even Triple’ Your Practice Your practice requires you to make decisions. You made a decision to read this article. You’ve made many decisions in your Life. Some Great some not so great! Question? Which ones were the […]

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Baby Caden has Colic/Constipation, What Do I Do???

Within the field of Chiropractic, the concept of Spinal Articular Motion(Function)- (SAM) and disorders caused by the lack of Spinal Articular Motion –i.e. Baby Caden,A patient with Diag-nosis of colic/constipation, Medication has not worked! What do we do??? We Check the Crainial-Sacral Parasympathetic Connection for Spinal Articular Motion/Fixation/Subluxation which forms the basis of many core […]

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