The Secret to Success That No One is Teaching

The Secret to Success That No One is Teaching

The Secret to Success That No One is Teaching

As a small business owner, entrepreneur, healer, spouse & parent, your time is your most precious commodity. I believe the first and most important aspect to good time management is organization. If you wake up every morning and know exactly what you have to get done and what you don’t, you are on your way to becoming more organized and more efficient with your time. If you are going to run a prosperous business and maintain a happy balanced family for a long period of time this is a must for you. Here are 3 keys for becoming more organized:


#1 Daily Planner:

The first step to organization is getting a daily planner. I buy our rhino planners every year for my team so that they have a place to put the different tasks I ask them to complete each week at our team meetings. I also have a daily planner and every night I review what I have to accomplish for the following day.


#2 Calendar:

I have our large Rhino Year At A Glance calendar in both my house and office. I put my 12 seminars I am going to attend each year on the calendar. I also have any family events on the calendar. Then put all your marketing events on the calendar. Do this in December for the following year. Also be sure to plan your vacation time to rest and regenerate. If you are running a practice that is less than 7 years old plan your vacations during the months with the most workdays.


#3 Prioritize

On your planner prioritize the tasks you have to accomplish. We too often spend time on issues that are not a priority and then run out of time and do not complete the tasks that are a priority.


Implement this system for organization and you will accomplish more in less time and have more time for the most important part of your life, your family.


Keep Charging!

-Dr. FJ

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