10 Keys to Elite Customer Service

10 Keys to Elite Customer Service

Customer service is one of the easiest ways to differentiate your self, create loyalty and value. It is neglected by the vast majority of chiropractic offices because most don’t realize that elite customer service is one of the best ways to increase your revenue and never have to worry about patients leaving you for a lower price.

The 10 Keys for Delivering Elite Customer Service are:

  1. Personal responsibility by all members of the team for patient experience. (No passing the buck)
  2. Immediate response to calls, emails, and questions. Get them handled with in 24 hours.
  3. Flexibility: Same day appointments, changes to appointments, accepting multiple forms of payment. Develop a “Yes” attitude.
  4. Punctuality: ROF, re-exams, workshops, etc… Should all be done on time and when they were scheduled or you lose value and credibility.
  5. Friendliness of entire team.
  6. Do what you say and call to follow up. Make 1st adjustment calls and call patients that drop off.
  7. Deliver the goods. You have to get the results or eventually they will quit.
  8. Agreement with and empathy for the patient, their problem or their complaint
  9. Accessibility: Forward phones to your cell phone on weekends and make it easy for patients to get a hold of you and your team.
  10. Maintain Rapport with patient after the purchase has been made. Ask patient about things they have told you. This will show you are listening and genuinely interested in them.

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